Thank you for choosing the smaXtec Inside Monitoring System - a product that functions precisely, sensitively and reliably. This system is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. Before you start with the the first steps please watch the following video for a better understanding of our System.

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smaXtec Inside Monitoring System

The smaXtec Inside Monitoring System comprises of the following:
  • the bolus for the recording of inside measurement data
  • the Installation Kit, including all of the required system components (wireless read-out devices and smaXtec Climate Sensors). Transmits the measured data to the smaXtec server
  • the smaXtec Messenger – the software that makes all key information available to you wherever you are 24/7

smaXtec Boluses

The smaXtec Boluses are part of the smaXtec Inside Monitoring System. For more information please click here.

Installation Kit

To read out the measurement data from the smaXtec Boluses you can choose the smaXtec Base Station or smaXtec Repeater. Additionally, you can use smaXtec Climate Sensors to monitor environmental influences.

NOTE: You need at least one smaXtec Base Station and optional smaXtec Repeater (dependent from size of your barn).

smaXtec Software

The smaXtec Messenger is an automatic alert messaging tool that keeps you informed about changes in a cow’s state of health. Collection of data in real-time means you are kept fully informed at all times about your herd’s state of health. The smaXtec Messenger provides you with up to the minute information if there are significant changes in rumen pH, temperature or activity levels or conditions in the cow shed. The smaXtec Messenger can be accessed via PC/laptop, tablet or smartphone (Google Play Store, Apple App Store) (http://messenger.smaxtec.com(external link) or via app).

Google Play Store

Apple App Store

For further information please click here.


If the problem could not be solved by following the instructions (Quickstart Guide, User Manual), please contact the support (mailto: support at smaXtec.com) and download:

smaXtec Quicksupport Download

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to find a collection of frequently asked questions.